The IPECS Platform is designed around the user with a host of easy to use features that make a difference to the way you communicate.

It is a PABX

iPECS LIK delivers all the functionality of a traditional PABX and more with features to simplify your business operations and improve productivity. The uncompromising design assures you of the highest reliability and convenience for your business communications.

Minimizing TCO

iPECS LIK employs IP to let you deploy a single network infrastructure and modular components to lower your CAPEX. Managing a single infrastructure, employing modular components to expand your system, simple implementation for remote offices and traveling workers, enhanced productivity applications and advanced network management services all allow your business to lower your OPEX.

Native remote solution

Thanks to the native IP structure, you can deploy iPECS LIK with remote offices and nomadic employees. Branch offices and traveling employees connect to HQ anywhere there is an IP network. The unique RSGM solution gives home office workers full access to iPECS LIK. Link as many as 250 systems in a single common communications network. With iPECS LIK, there is no need for any employee or office to be stranded on a communications island.

iPECS Ericsson LG Phonetage PC Software

Whether you're traveling across the globe or just in the next room, carrying on a conversation doesn't have to mean carrying extra equipment. By programming your office iPECS, ipecs ericsson-lg or Aria-ipe system and then simply installing Ericsson-LG’s Phontage SoftPhone and you can turn any PC, laptop or suitable PDA (iPECS only) into a replica of your desk telephone.

Phontage SoftPhone is a screen-based interface that works just like your telephone keypad. You can make a call, receive a call, and pick up your voicemails too. And because it becomes a part of the office iPECS or Aria-ipe system, you get the extras that you've come to expect, like Caller ID with Name, Call Forwarding, and more

Features of iPECS Ericsson LG Phonetage PC Software

Features of Ericsson LG

iPECS Phonetage PC Software

  • iPECS or Aria-ipe system integral and dependant
  • Full system functions
  • Behaves as a standard system extension
  • Access via DSL link or Broadband hot-spot
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Video Imaging via Web Cams between callers
  • Text messaging between all keysets on the same system
  • Help menu
  • Database import/export (Outlook, Goldmine, ACT, Excel)
  • Multi Language support
  • Email sending with Outlook
  • Voice Recording
  • Your Phontage SoftPhone works with:
    • PCs, Laptops and Selected PDA’s*
    • *Ask us about compatible models

The IPECS Platform has been in development for over 10 years and is not a 'cheap imitation' of other systems cobbled together overnight or built on open source code, but rather a ground-up technology innovation that is truly unique.

Ericsson-LG NMS

Ericsson-LG NMS

iPECS Network Management Solution (NMS) is a powerful tool for managing fault information, monitoring real time status, maintaining call statistics and databases of multiple iPECS appliances. iPECS NMS is a Web based application so that communication managers access NMS via Internet Explorer from any remote PC. Providing services for up to 1,000 iPECS Call Servers, iPECS NMS employs standard SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) to identify and "trap"events should a problem occur.

E-mail fault notification assures the network manager is informed of predefined events and faults on a real-time basis so unusual conditions can be addressed before they become service affecting.

With iPECS NMS, communication mangers can review real-time status of all devices and channels associated with a Call Server, with fault events highlighted for quick identification. NMS maintains a database of all Call Servers and permits direct access to each server's Web Admin function for remote adds, moves and changes. Instead of accessing the Web admin of each Call Server and dealing with multiple site IDs and passwords, the manager can download or upload multiple system databases or upgrades to software through NMS with a few mouse clicks.

iPECS NMS monitors and stores call traffic and SMDR statistics from each registered server. Analysis of call (SMDR) and traffic statistics are presented in both graphical and tabular formats and to be used for resource planning of the corporation. Select stations, lines, time interval, etc. to isolate the reporting you need.